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Relocating to Key Largo
31st January 2007
Author: Lou Ross

The Florida Keys are well-known and Key Largo is arguably the most famous town. If you are considering relocating to Key Largo, here is the scoop on it.

Key Largo is both an island and a town in the Florida Keys, located off of the southern coast of Florida. The population of this town is just 11,886, but its size can swell considerably when tourists visit the area during popular vacation periods. The island of Key Largo is 33 miles in length, but the town known by the same name is only 12.2 square miles. Relocating to Key Largo is often the dream of many retirees looking to get away from it all – this is evident in the median age of the residents, which is 43.1 years old.

Most of the population in Key Largo identifies itself as being white/non-Hispanic, with over 79.5% of the residents stating this as their race. The remainder of the population is comprised of Hispanic (16.6%), Black (2%) and other races/mixed race. The median household income in Key Largo, Florida is $42,577 (above the average median income for the rest of the United States) and the average cost of purchasing a home in this town is $174,200. Some of the residents of Key Largo choose to rent their housing, with the average rent in this area being around $585 a month.

Key Largo is somewhat unusual in its percentage of foreign-born residents, which is much higher than that of the rest of Florida. 16% of the residents here were born outside of the United States. 24.1% of the adult residents of Key Largo, Florida hold a Bachelor's Degree or higher, and 57.3% of the adults here stated that they were married at the time of census.

Key Largo, along with the rest of the Florida Keys, has a climate very similar to the tropical islands of the Caribbean. The highs in Key Largo reach around 90ºF in the summer months, and the lows rarely dip below 60ºF in the winter months. Precipitation (in the form of rain) is much higher than the national average, reaching over seven inches of rain in the spring and summer months. The humidity in Key Largo is also above normal for the United States, with high humidity between 80% and 90% in the mornings.

There are a few other items to mention before thinking of relocating to Key Largo. This town is on an island, so many of the amenities and other places you might expect to find around your hometown are further away. The closest hospital, for example, is ten miles away in Tavernier (still on the island of Key Largo). Most of the universities and colleges in the region are at least 30 miles away, and the closest large city is Miami, which is 49.2 miles away.

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